aThrust (Amiga)

Basic DATA
Carsten Gerlach
2P Combat mode only.  Instant death.
Keyboard #1
Keyboard #2

"joy2key2" should be enabled for player #1 at least.
Rotate left 
left alt (left shift -> left)
right amiga ( y )
Rotate right 
left amiga ( z -> right)
right alt ( u )
x ( Red button )
num 0 ( i )
c ( up )
num 2 ( o )
v ( down )
num 3 ( p )
Return to the WB screen 
For CD32+FDD users,
Download aThrust.lha from aminet. Create a blank diskette in advance.
Extract aThrust.lha and copy "screens" folder and all files to your diskette.
Then copy joy2key2 and aThrust.cfg to that disk.
In addition, create "C" , "Libs" , "S" and "ENV" folder in that disk. Then copy following;
Assign , LoadWB and Winsize (to "C" folder)
diskfont.library ,  lowlevel.library and reqtools.library (to "Libs" folder)
startup-sequence (to "S" folder). The script (example) is:

Make your diskette writable.
Here is my example ADF. Use it if you want to save your time ;)

I assume some WinUAE users use a keyboard without num keys, so I've redefined keys as following:
Player #1: Left Shift, Z, X, C, V
Player #2: Y, U, I, O, P
Sorry, it seems the program gets confused if joy2key2 is enabled for the 2nd player.
Player #1: Pad or Keyboard (joy2key2 program by: Lorence Lombardo. Thanks for him, joystick support is now available.)
Player #2: Keyboard ...,please.

First, click "Preference", then click "Use".
Otherwise, my redefinition isn't enable.

Btw, the program would get stuck after you click "Use" or "Save"
unless we assign ENV:
I wonder why the program fails to find ENV:
if ENV: is assigned  RAM: or RAM:ENV ...
Anyway I assigned Df0:ENV: this time.

Next, click "Get".
"Select Screen" window appears.
Type an arena name which is in "screen" folder.

Finally click "Play".
You will get the game screen.
Both Player #1 and #2 press fire, the game would begins.
Player #1: Red button or "c" key.
Player #2: "o" key.


• Compatible with both PAL and NTSC.
• It doesn't need map editor to create new map. Maps can be created from your own picture captured.
   Up to 32 colors & 1024 x 1024 size. (The convertor was presented for only "registered" users, though! )
• Extra weapons (back shots, homing bullets, etc) would be available after you touch a red cross which appears somewhere suddenly.
• It seems possible to combat with another Amigan via serial port (not tested).

• Mines exist permanently even if players' ships touch them.
   So once one player can place a mine on the starting point of the other, the combat would end instantly.
• 8 arenas created originally look very poor and dreary.

How to create a custom map:

Unfortunately the convertor is no longer there now. So I have to analyze original maps attached to the archive in aminet.
At this time, my result is following.

Thus I could managed to create " 2 colors formatted " map.
Next, I tried " 4 colors formatted " map.

So now we can manage to 4 colors map after we modified colors(R,G,B) of original IFF files.
Unfortunately, I couldn't do anymore. At this time I'll show my result below.
8 colors map: Glitched color (there are "lines" in walls which was the same color at the original IFF.
16 colors map: Black screen. Both of ships would dead instantly.
32 colors map: Only 2 colors (black & white) are loaded.

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