There are no emulators that emulate 128K titles on GBA / SNES.
If you have CD32+Analogic FDD, you have 2 choices. One is "Speculator", however, I don't know which title can be emulated!
The other is "Spectrum128". Although many titles can't be loaded, we have the luck of finding some titles loaded correctly.
Surely "Spectrum128" has some shortages. There's no music and sounds. Pad control would mess up. Can't save a snapshot file.
But I'm glad to see that some 128K titles can be emulated on CD32 without RAM expansion.
Here's step by step guide how to play 128K games using "Spectrum128".
First, you must create a snapshot files (as Z80 format) on your PC. (ZXSpin would be useful.)
Create a 880KB blank diskette in advance. Copy Spectrum128 folder (files inside) & snapshot files to your diskette.
It would be better that snapshot files is copied to df0:Spectrum128 .
In addition, create "Libs" , "C" and "S" folder in that disk. Then copy following;
asl.library and diskfont.library (to "Libs" folder)
loadwb (to "C" folder)
startup-sequence (to "S" folder). The script is:
Double-click df0:Spectrum128/Spectrum128 .
Now the screen would change. Press F1 key, then it shows a window. Type "df0:" in the "Drawer" cell.
Choose a Z80 file you want to play.

Blizzard's Rift (ZX Spectrum)

Basic DATA
Originally freeware. Later physical version was also released.
Jonathan Cauldwell
1P mode only. Instant death. You have 9 ships. No continue. No passwords.
(CD32 pad)

  Title screen (Above). No pictures aren't shown at the loading sequence.
Rotate left  
Rotate right  
Red button
For CD32+FDD users:
"joy2key2" doesn't work. Fortunately this game allows you to redefine keys.
In addition, press "5" at the title screen to disable backgrounds.
Otherwise, the game would become toooo sluggish to play (maybe 0.5 ~ 1 FPS?).
You can also make the game a bit faster by pressing F2 key (Spectrum128's monochrome mode).

The game:

There are several solar system, such as "Pollastre" and "Scopwick".
To travel to another solar system, you have to play the game that has first-person perspective.
Each solar system has several planets ( =levels ).
For example, "Plollastre" system has 4 planets such as "Terragona" and "Alestiu".
You can choose a planet in any order.  To complete each level, you must destroy all turrets in that level.
Remember an excellent Amiga game "Executioner". They're similar each other.
You can also buy bullets and fuel in the shop.
Not like "Executioner", you can access the shop at any time in this game.
Press a button assigned as "Fire" while pausing the game.

Gravity Wars (ZX Spectrum)

Basic DATA
Scorpion Software
1P mode only. Instant death. The number of ships depends on your score.
No continue. No passwords.
(CD32 pad)

  Loading screen. (Above)
Rotate left  
Rotate right  
Red button
Return to the title screen 
For CD32+FDD users:
"joy2key2" doesn't work. Fortunately this game allows you to redefine keys. (Press "4" key at the title screen.)
Don't press pause key while gaming, otherwise the game would crash.

Pentagon is a ZX Spectrum 128k clone released in Russia.
It can read a specific diskette in its TR-DOS mode.
That diskette has more space than a 128k cassette's one,
so actually many games & demos which have more than 128k size have been released.
The disk-image file has ".trd" extension.
As a emulator for 68k Amiga, "ZX-Live" or "X128" can load those files.
However, They require Fast RAM (ZX-Live requires 8MB Fast RAM at least).
So it recommend you to load the game once and create snapshot file first,
(You must save a snapshot as "Z80" file.)
then try to load that Z80 file using "Spectrum128" emulator.
Fortunately, this "Gravity Wars" can be load using "Spectrum128".
Exactly this game is not freeware. ( Its license is unknown. )
It would be your own risk to download that data from WOS.
I gave you a warning in advance!

Each turret can fire a bullet toward only 8 directions, so
it would not be difficult to avoid it.
Every you destroy 1 turret, you can gain 100 points.
On the other hand, every 1 your ship crashed, it deducts 100 points.
After your ship crashed when your score is 0 points, your game is over.
In other words, don't die again and again in early levels,
then it would become easier in later levels.
In short, this game is for beginners.

On CD32 console (w/o Fast RAM), the gaming speed is not fast, however,
at least I didn't care about it. Actually I completed all 10 levels without pain.

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