The Pit (Amiga)

Basic DATA
The Half Brains Team
Speedrun mode only (1P or 2P).  Instant death.
Control (CD32 pad #1 / #2)
Rotate left: left,  Rotate right: right,  Thrust: Red button
For CD32+FDD users:
Unfortunately this program is totally uncompatible with NTSC system.
(You cannot choose the game at the title screen.  It doesn't matter whether your system is MC68EC020 or not. )
If you have only NTSC CD32, you will never be able to play the game.
The program makes "PAL mode of Early Startup Control menu" disabled.
50Hz mode of "Degrader" causes the crash when it runs boot block.
Even if you use PAL CD32, don't forget to select "Original" and "Disable CPU Caches" at Early Startup Control menu,
otherwise it crashes after you choose the game at the title screen.

Course design

The course consists of several parts and it is created by swapping those parts automatically when you load the game.
The following are some examples. If you don't like a current course, just reboot.

• 2P speedrun simultaneously style in "Thrust" genre games was unique at that time (1991~1992).
• A distance from the goal is shown on the bottom of the screen.

• Actually it is difficult for even "advanced" players to play "speedrun". You must take time carefully not to die.
• The control of 2nd player are unplayably messed up due to wrong code ( I guess).
  Therefore those issues make "2P speedrun competition simultaneously" style pointless.
• It would be better if more easier courses had been created.

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