Raid (Amiga)

Basic DATA
Daniel Olofsson
1P mode & 2P mode (Dogfight). Your ship has HP. You have 4 ships. No continue. You can save the game.
CD32 pad

Rotate left  
left arrow
Rotate right  
right arrow
Red button
Fire primary weapon 
up arrow
Fire secondery weapon 
down arrow
Return to the menu screen 
Stop / release transport 
Order transport 

For CD32 users:

You need both of hard disk and FAST RAM. (Exactly it's OK if chip RAM is more than 1.9MB, however...)
Copy files inside "Font" drawer to your "Fonts" drawer. Assign "RAID:" before double-click "FLY" icon.

1P mode:

Just destroy all enemy's ships / turrets and return to the mother ship.
When you proceed to the next level, the number of remaining ships will be restored.
First, click "SELECT PILOT" on the menu screen, then click "SAVE PILOT".
The game is now saved.
If you want to restart the game from that level,
click "LOAD PILOT".
Please note that unless you have saved the game,
you will start from the first level after the game is over.
However, if you press Esc key to return to the menu screen,
you can restart the previous level.

2P mode:

First, click "OPTIONS" on the menu screen, then see "PLAYER SETUP:" where it says "DOG VS CPU".
Click it to switch to "DOG VS DOG". To go back to 1P mode, just click on it again to switch to "DOG VS CPU".
You have a choice of six beautiful arenas, or you can choose to create your own.
You can choose "CUSTOM GROUND" to draw the terrain and insert the six different terrain graphics into it.
In addition to that, there is even a way to select a pre-made image file by choosing "IMPORT GROUND".
Pre-made images must be in RAID/maps.
Moreover, the following conditions are required.
• 640px*512px and 128 colors ".IFF" file
• Don't use color #0 and #16~31.
• Color #16~31 are:
• Color #1~15 can be used for the background. Color #32~127 can be used for the terrain.

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