Rescue II

CD32 version:

"Rescue II" is on the CD called "Gamers' Delight", one of the titles for Amiga CD32.

Amiga CD version:

"Rescue II" is also on the CD called "Gamers' Delight 2", one of the titles for Amiga CD.
If you have FDD or a hard disk, I recommend this one more than the previous one because of the additional titles such as "Taxi".
Box and inlay (front) Click to enlarge.
Box and inlay (back) Click to enlarge.

Basic DATA
1P mode only. Instant death. You have 3 ships. No continue. No passwords.
Commercial. No websites are given permission to upload. It's illegal if you download the game.
CD32 pad

Rotate left  

Rotate right  


Red button

Activate tractor beam 


*You can't pause the game 
  by pressing any key on the keyboard.

If you take a red, blue, or gray key, each wall of that color disappears.
After you save all the people and escape from the top of the map, the level will be completed.

if you crash even once, you will lost all keys and have to play that level again from the beginning.
Keys and fuel are often placed in tight spots that are hard to get to.
This is the most difficult game in this genre when compared with the first level each other.

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