Hello Taxi

Markus Pohlmann
D-pad: Move in that direction    Red button: Start with your next taxi / Refuel

Created in 1997, this free game looks sadly hazy when compared to other excellent free games that had already been released for the Amiga.

You can choose from the titles included in the "Assassins CD 4" software for CD32.
If loading from CD is too bother for you, you can save the data in that CD ("Hello_Taxi" folder & files inside) to one 880KB diskette.

At the start of the level, one trap (from three types: airplane, rocket, and falling rock) is randomly selected.
The description of the notation at the bottom left of the screen is as follows.
Mon: Your money. The initial value is zero. It increases when a passenger is delivered safely.
        If your taxi crashes, you can recover it by paying repair fee (amount according to the difficulty selection) (by Red button).
        If you crash and recover when you have no money, this value will be a negative number.
        The game is over when the value becomes "minus 1000".
Tgt: Destination of passengers.
Earn: From the moment passengers are put on, it will decrease toward zero. The faster you deliver, the more reward you receive.
Fuel: Your fuel. The initial value is 100, and 20 when revived after exhaustion.

What's the matter:

• The speed of the taxi is too fast even compared to "airTAXI".
 In addition, the aircraft is heavy, and it will drop down diagonally at a steep angle. Therefore, it is easy to hit the terrain.
 When landing, you don't have to press the Red button, just like "airTAXI".
 However, unless you are really slowing down, you will crash.
 If you compare the degree, it is far more delicate than the "Space Taxi" series.

• When the taxi takes off, most of the players will say "What?".
 The method of takeoff in this game is very strange (weird).
 You have to press the down key and the moment your plane floats up for a moment, you have to press the up key to rise.
 If that timing is delayed, it will consume only fuel and go back to landing.

• As soon as starting with this super-deadly game If you make a mistake from the beginning, the money will become a "negative number".
 It is impossible to refuel unless you bring in passengers to earn a "positive number".

• Normally, the fuel at the time of recovery takes over the remaining amount at the time of the last crash.
 For example, if you crash when the fuel is "5", start with "5".
 At this time, if the money is a "negative number," nothing can be done.
 Don't move poorly and die instantly, instead it would be better to confirm that the fuel is zero and then die so that you can recover with the remaining amount of "20".

• By the way, about the value of "20", it is such an amount that most of it disappears when one passenger is brought.
 If you die along the way mentioned above, you have to use up fuel and kill yourself (since most beginners are always in a "negative number" state).

Because of the above specifications, "the game is not over until it reaches minus 1000!" can hardly be described as extremely helpful to beginners.

• Crashing and reviving (pressing the Red button) Timing is optional.
 The place where the player's taxi revives is fixed, but if there is a trap just there, it will be crash at the moment of resurrecting.
 To avoid it, timing decides himself.
 In this game, up to 2 passengers can appear at the same time, and because there is a range where traps do not appear,
 for example, when only one passenger appears, wait for another passenger to wait without resurrection of your taxi.
 If he appears in a place that trap doesn't appear, it is effective to revive and go for him.
 However, it is not surprising that the above techniques are considered as "fucking elements".

• The quota for each level  is "15 passengers", which is a lot. After the game is over, you have to start over from the title screen (= the 1st level).

Also, I will show maps after the 2nd level below.
Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Level 5

Level 6

 An alpine region with a clean air
 that reminds me of the highland of the mega drive version
 of "Lemmings 2" ... Ah ... I was longing for it forever...

The 2nd level is easier than the 1st level no matter what. The 5th level would be a reverse phenomenon, too.
For example, in the 1st level (the first image on this page), going to “1” is more difficult than any aspect of the 2nd level.
Moreover, there is a refueling station at point "1".
In other words, from the 1st level onwards, it's completely out of reach for the average person.

Although this game has a "superhuman tag", it is a work that is difficult to clear due to the above-mentioned difficulties (problems),
so you do not have to think too seriously.
For example, if it is the taxi of "Space Taxi" series, even ordinary people will be able to clear it with an easy victory.

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