Galactic Taxi

Ducksoft! ( by Paul Trauth )
D-pad: Move in that direction    Red button: Extend legs for landing and retract extended legs

According to the author, this game was originally developed from the end of 1992 to the beginning of 1993.
It is the first "Space Taxi" type freeware on Amiga.
In 1994, he was worried that the specifications of the "Space Taxi" at takeoff were different from the original (C64 version),
and declared that he would complete the full version of "Galactic Taxi".
But in the end it wasn't completed and time passed.

Drive a taxi with the night view of the full moon in the background.
It is rare for passengers to have women. The red dress and the behavior are gorgeous,
The thighs that are occasionally seen are sexy. I'm sure she's a nice woman.
At this time, it was a good old time when I used imagination to supplement dot painting.

What's interesting about this game is the fine behavior of the customers.
Watching wristwatches while worrying about time and tapping the ground with your feet.
Leaning out and looking around.
I imagine that there will be more funny elements in the completed version.

Although this game was uploaded to Aminet under the name "Gtaxi",
unfortunately, the screen is displayed normally only in the MC68000 environment.
It is not improved even with Relokick 1.3, Degrader, OCS+no cache.
If it is not a commercial release, it is also a minor, yet unfinished product, so the possibility of creating a slave of WHDLoad by someone would be hopeless.
...It is impossible to play on CD32.

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