Planet Fall


D-pad: Move in that direction Red button: Shoot a missile

It's shareware released in 1994,
a demo version consists of 2 levels is released as "PD Soft #3941".
Also selectable with the software "Assassins CD 2" for CD32.
If loading from CD is annoying,
save the data ("Planet_Duel" folder) in that CD to the 880KB diskette.
In that case, copy the C folder (Assign & Copy inside) and
add 2 lines "copy df0:planet_duel ram:" and "Assign planet_duel: ram:planet_duel"
to S/startup-sequence.

The reason why I recommend such method is because this game writes to a specific file at important points such as when you crash or when you complete a level.
In other words, you have to close the write protect window of your diskette.
If during writing you get an error due to some accident, your diskette will break.
Moreover, if it's before completing the game, your frustration would be exploded.

The game is a simple Lander type game,
and it is frustrating because the moving speed of your own machine is too fast.

Unusually for the Lander series, your machine has a means of attack.
However, the missile flies in the direction your ship moved just before, and its maneuverability isn't very good either.
The scene that requires it, however, is the point in the left screen (only one location in Stage 2),
where you destroy the switchboard next to it in order to disable the blitz trap.
As an idea, it's totally OK.

After all, there is a problem with the speed of your aircraft!
Although it has some durability, it will lose control when it hits a wall once and bounces strongly against another wall.
In reality, it's better to be able to say that "almost instant death".
On landing, if you are not slowing down abnormally, you will die. You will say “Eh? No even this!?” I guess.
And although you will go to the title screen every you die, you can not skip the score ranking screen.
It repeats “die immediately, wait for a long time, die immediately,  wait for a long time”.

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