Joar Berntsen
D-pad: Move in that direction
Red button: (The master unit) Exhale the slave unit / (The slave unit) Eat terrain
Return key: Quiet the game

It is uploaded to Aminet.
If you want to make a disk version,
copy Libs drawer (diskfont.library inside) and C drawer (aga inside) together.
A line "run >nil: aga" must be added to the S/startup-sequence.

The purpose of each stage is to land the master unit at the goal point.
However, the structure is such that the master unit cannot suddenly reach the goal.
Pressing the Red button spits out the slave unit, and then you will operate the slave unit.
You can open the road by touching the green switch (left image).

In order to operate the master unit again, the slave unit must be returned to the master unit.
It must be adjusted in dots to fit into the open mouth of the base unit.
If your slave unit can return safely,
let's operate the master unit and head to the goal.

The fuel for the slave unit can be replenished by returning to the master unit,
but the fuel for the master unit will be reduced by that much.
Also, if you spit the slave unit while the master unit is in a floating state,
the master unit will stand by while floating, so it is a waste of fuel.

Level 2

Level 3

In the 3rd level, there are goals and switches on the other side.
You can eat the terrain and move forward by pressing the Red button while operating the slave unit.
At this time, a large amount of fuel is consumed, so let's proceed with the route that requires less "eat".

Lander 3DX

Richard Horne
(After typing "J" using Amiga keyboard,)
Left/right keys: Move in that direction   Up key: Move to the back   Down key: Move to the front
Red button: Thrust
   P key: Restart after a crash   Q key: Quiet the game

It has been uploaded to Aminet.
When making a disk version,
copy the Libs drawer (mathtrans.library included).

When the message window appears, press the "P" key to start the game.
If you press the “S” key instead, a small window like the one on the left will open,
so you can play other levels by typing “Snenery/LanderSceneTwo”
or “Snenery/LanderSceneThree”.

One of the personalized free games that uses 3D glasses "X-specs 3D" to play 3D games on Amiga.
Principle is the same method as Nintendo's 3D system and Sega Master System's 3D glasses.
In other words,
stereoscopic vision is realized by alternately displaying landscapes viewed from different angles
by allowing the player to alternately block the view of the right and left eyes with a liquid crystal shutter.

In this game, the terrain and your plane will appear three-dimensional.
It is exactly "Lunar Lander with depth of backgrounds".
Scores vary depending on where you land.

Level 2

Level 3

You can choose from the above 3 types of maps, so if you have a chance, you should play around.

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