Vörös László
(Amiga keyboard only.)
Arrow key: Move in the opposite direction    Space: Skip the message

In addition to being normally selectable with the software "Assassins CD 4" for CD32,
it has been uploaded to Aminet.
When you make a disk version,
Libs drawer (diskfont.library, iff.library, translator.library are included),
Devs drawer (narrator.device is included),
and C drawer (aga included) must also be copied.

Add the line "run >nil: aga" to S/startup-sequence.
Get aga and narrator.device from the contents of "Assassins CD".
Without the latter, the voice will not be reproduced, but the former is essential!

Your aircraft is a UFO type blue vehicle.
The purpose is to operate this and gently land on the goal point.

In Level 1, the scenery reminds us of "Lunar Lander".
Slow down sufficiently and land on a flat surface on the moon.

If you are not slowing down, you will be told "Kamikaze Speed."

Since the speed at the time of landing is determined
by both the vertical movement speed and the horizontal movement speed,
if it lands while moving horizontally, it may be a mistake.

If you crash into a wall, touch the edge of the screen, or time out, you will make a mistake,
but at that time, depending on the situation, a voice such as "Out of space!" will be played.

There are three levels in this shareware version, and more detailed operations are required as you go further.
(The full version is supposed to have 10 levels, but the time has passed without being released as freeware.

Level 2

Start from the upper left of the map.
I'd like to proceed carefully so that I don't hit the terrain that imitates the letters,
but it is a dangerous level where our eyes are inevitably caught by backgrounds and we die when we notice it. (Lol)

Level 3

Also start from the upper left of the map.
The Workbench screen is this level.
The windows that open are terrains, and don't hit it and moves forward.

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