Putty Squad (SNES)

 It was a sequel to "Super Putty", and it was also a big title by System3.
 This title was planned to be released for multiple platforms (Originally Amiga,
 ports for MS-DOS, SNES, CD32 and Mega Drive), however,
 only SNES version was released. Also, it was PAL exclusive release.
 It was not so serious problem for retro gamers nowadays.
 But I guess no one was glad of that situation at the time of 1994.
 You know that previous "Super Putty" was not well-known as SNES title.
 It was just a port of "Putty", a famous Amiga title.
 So Amiga users awaited "Putty Squad" stronger than anyone else.
 In addition, this title would become one of the best platform games for Amiga,
 ... not for SNES. ( There were many better platformers for SNES.)
 In this sense, SNES version was unfortunate.
 (the left image) Original snes version I own. It works at both 50Hz and 60Hz mode.

About Amiga version:

Until xmas of 2013, Amiga version was available as cover disk demo only,
like MS-DOS version. We can confirm 3 versions as diskette, however,
All versions were quite the same. They were said that there were 6 levels +
2 hidden levels, 8 levels total. Exactly they were incorrect.
Actually there were 7 levels total ( MAP1.dat ~ MAP8.dat, except MAP4.dat ),
so each publisher misunderstood and miswrote.
Anyway, these cover disks, unfortunately, are unbootable at CD32 + FDD
without RAM expansion. It was said that its custom loader ( people call it
"John Twiddy's Loader" ) uses very later address of chip RAM.
So, if we had those disks and NO fast RAM, we had to grab kick4006 from
our own consoles and make disk images (they're not difficult) then
play the game on the emulator ( e.g. WinUAE ).

(the image above) Two cover disks I own.

What I mean:

I originally wrote this page in Japanese (my first language) after System3 announced new version in 2013.
At that time, simply I thought it was better if people were glad to play those new versions (on Vita, 3DS, Xbox360... etc).
It was because I had a intuition that they were well-done ports when I saw their trailer videos.
(Of course I couldn't know how good/bad are their controls at that time, though. )
To enjoy those new versions, we must understand following first:

1.  For serious fans of Putty Squad, original Amiga version had several features which are better than SNES version.
2.  New version (for PS4, Vita, 3DS, etc) had the same features that Amiga version (not SNES version) had.

What features are better than SNES version? To know them,
needless to say it would be better if we compare SNES version with Amiga version.
Again, this page was written in the spring of 2013, so I compared SNES version with Amiga cover disk at that time.
Cover disk contains first 7 levels, so it was a limited range, though.
Anyway here we go.

SNES version
Amiga version
We cannot get any scores if we got star items.
Star items simply make Putty's attack stronger.
( punch - darts - electricity - gray bombs )
Even if Putty's current attack doesn't work for specific enemies,
it is possible to push them simply.
It makes the game easier.
Imagine that Putty can push them down from a platform
even if his current attack doesn't work.

Putty cannot throw gray bombs without a break.
( 1 gray bomb per 1 screen. )

Sometimes it doesn't show number of score
when Putty defeat an enemy.
In this game, size and colors would be changed
depend on its amount. ( See the right image. )
So it is a little disappointing if it doesn't show those numbers.

Putty would be damaged if touch a brick which hide MIA.
( See the right image. )
In SNES version, this damage would be much smaller
than Amiga version. So, in Amiga version
we have to find "Nitro" bomb first to rescue MIA.
It needs more strategies than SNES version which allows
us rescue all MIAs with touching those bricks.

Once Putty release a nitro bomb, he cannot absorb it again.
It make the game much easier. For example,
to defeat a soldier behind a brick, simply release a nitro
then make Putty flat to avoid bombs soldiers throw.

If you want to push a nitro bomb toward the brick,
there are serious problem.
After Putty release a nitro bomb, he cannot push it
to the left even he had been walked to the left from the right.
(See the image below.)

So you have to move Putty to the right slightly
after he released a nitro bomb. Then punch it.

We can get 100 scores per a star item.
So we can also compete for higher scores.

If Putty's current attack doesn't work for specific enemies,
you cannot even push them.
It would make the game harder than weakest punch.
For gamers, it would be interesting if the game becomes
harder as you collected more star items.

Putty can throw 4 gray bombs without a break.
( 4 gray bombs per 1 screen.)

Putty can absorb and release a nitro bomb again
after once he released it. When you want to use a nitro bomb and
avoid enemies or projectiles soon,
you must punch a nitro bomb or avoid it itself.
Otherwise, you cannot defeat that enemy by the nitro bomb.
It is because Putty absorbs it immediately after he release it.

You can push a nitro bomb easily.
The direction which Putty pushes a nitro bomb
is depend on which direction Putty had walked.
(See the image below.)

Level 1-1
Tomb of the King Phut

and later

We can notice the
difference between
their resolution
(width x height).

Each soldiers would turn back at the edge of a platform
even if Putty appears in front of them.

There are no sound effects when you call Dweezil the cat.

Each soldiers can jump toward Putty from the edge
of the platform where they had been walked on.

When you call Dweezil the cat, we can hear a sound effect
that Dweezil braked suddenly on his skateboard.

Level 1-2
The Halls of Silence

About items:
There are no bonus items (See the right image.)
which award 5 stars at one time.

That bonus item appears at Level 2-1 for the first time,
however, their design is ugly. See this small image.

Level 1-2
The Halls of Silence

About enemies:
There are no flying enemies which appear to infinity.
In Amiga version, 3 species have already appeared.
Pink birds and green birds wouldn't appear at
even later levels in SNES version.
Do you remember a green blob in previous "Putty" ?
It never appears in SNES version.
Obviously it makes Putty freaks sad.

Level 2-1
The Bazaar Al Kebab

and later
When this enemy in the right image appears,
we can hear Arabian flute sound.
In Amiga version, we hear nothing.

See this enemy in the right image. (People call him "Mystic".)
Putty cannot defeat him by his standard punch in SNES version,
however, Putty can defeat him by
punching him 6 times in Amiga version.
Btw, in previous "Putty", there were no enemies
which were defeated by punching several times.


Level 2-3
The Palace of Baghded
Level 2-4
Kababs 'R' Us

In Amiga version,
they are in
reverse order.

Platforms and the background change in color
of a growing sunset.
The mechanical trap which kills Putty instantly
would disappear after Putty defeat a soldier
behind the brick.

Platforms and the backgrounds don't change in color.
It was a little shame.
That mechanical trap would not disappear
after Putty defeat a soldier behind the brick. So Putty must throw
a nitro bomb against that trap even after Putty defeat the soldier.
It makes the game slightly harder.

After I compared SNES version with Amiga version,
I could guess which version is recommended for gamers obviously. However,
Amiga version was just a DEMO version at that time.
After full version released for Christmas gift from System3 in 2013, my guess became assurance.
Yes, again, I'm sure that Amiga version is preferable that gamers play.
There might be many small differences, however, I show some of what I should inform to gamers. See below.

SNES version
Amiga version
who appear in
later levels
After he appeared, he does nothing for few seconds.
Then he shoots projectiles in six directions.

(See the right image.)
It is much easier to avoid
than Amiga version. In addition,
he doesn't disappear for a while.
So Putty can defeat him easily
using tougher weapons.

As soon as he appeared,
he shoots a projectile.
This projectile would chase Putty for a while.
(See the right image.)
To make matters worse, he would disappear soon
after he shoots that projectile.
This enemy makes each level much tougher
than SNES version's one.

To complete
final level
To make the final door to appear,
only you must do is rescuing all MIAs.
You don't even have to see Scatterflash.
In addition, you cannot KILL him. Instead,
he would be dazed by Putty's attack.
To daze him, it would be enough to attack his head
fewer times than Amiga version. ( However,
Putty's punch doesn't work for him. It wouldn't matter.)
In this sense, I'm sure that the final level itself
is much easier than Amiga version.

To make the final door to appear, you must rescue all MIAs and
KILL Scatterflash. To kill him, you have to attack his head
much more times than SNES version. But you can also get off the rocket
and punch instead of bombs from the rocket.
To enter final
hidden level,
" The 27th dimension "
In short: It's a little difficult than Amiga version !

Don't be confused,
Scatterflash releases mysterious smoke from
his left hand. And it is rarer than Amiga version's one.
In addition, that smoke doesn't chase Putty.

To catch it, Putty must be placed above Satterflash's head.
In other words, Putty cannot catch it if he gets off the rocket.
If you miss it out, you will not come across it again unless you restart.
But don't worry, you can fight against Scatterflash again,
so you always have a chance until all lives run out.

Scatterflash will definitely release mysterious smoke
from his right hand instead of 6th barrel monster.
(See the right image.)
This mysterious smoke would take Putty
to the hidden level. That smoke also chases Putty.
Each barrel monster disappears soon
unless Putty takes a rocket.
 But Scatterflash is always going to open
 his right hand.
 So it
is not difficult to come across
mysterious smoke.
 (See the left image.)

My comparison guide describe above would be also useful for Mega Drive version.
Mega Drive version was better port than we expected because all features are the same as Amiga version except SFX.
See this page for details.

Other stuff related to "Putty Squad":

All 35 levels + hidden 18 levels comparing SNES version with Amiga version


At least we can understand that SNES version has all levels which Amiga version has.
In other words, new versions( for PS4, Vita, ...etc) should have more additional levels,
otherwise new versions might be received a low score.
And, please see level 1 ~ 12.  You can see 8 levels are Aztec levels except for hidden levels.
"Aztec I" , "Aztec II" and "Aztec III" seem to alike each other.
In other words, we have to play "Jungle&Tombs-like levels" at the first 34% of the full game.
It might make many players (especially beginners) boring, I thought.
But new versions( for PS4, Vita, etc) seemed to be going to solve this issue by many new objects as background.

"How to control Putty" Comparison Guide (Excerpt)

SNES version
Amiga version
To Jump
B button
Up of the directional pad
To use an item
or transform
(In a flat state) press B button
(In a flat state) press Fire button
To select an item
you want to use
(In a flat state) press L or R button
(In a flat state) press Left or Right of the directional pad
To attack
To punch to the left: press L button.
To punch to the right: press R button.
For example, when Putty goes to the right,
Putty can attack backward by L button.
These control might be useful.
Press Fire button.
The direction which Putty attacks
is depend on which direction Putty had walked.
In other words, Putty cannot attack backward.
It was a little shamed, however, you also know that
Amiga games usually designed for 1 button joy stick/pad.
To get off a rocket
Press X button or Y button.
Hold Fire button.
To open the door
Up of the directional pad.
Press Up holding Fire button. ( It's a little frustrating.)
To inflate
Tap X button or Y button twice.
It is easier than Amiga version.

You can move Putty to his left or right
at the top of each map
unless he explodes by pressing X or Y button many times.
Tap Up of the directional pad.
(It's a little frustrating.)

You cannot move Putty to his left or right on the top of map
because he would explode automatically when he leach
the top of map.

History of "Putty Squad"

System3 announced the release of "Putty Squad" for Amiga, SNES and Mega Drive. Unfortunately Amiga version and Mega Drive version were canceled.
Some Magazines mentioned CD32 version, however, CD32 version was also canceled.
MS-DOS version demo was released as a cover disk. But the development of MS-DOS version was also stopped.
Alive Mediasoft announced the release of Amiga version. ( It presented a demo for the cover CD of CU Amiga issue October 1998. )
The retail version would be going to be released in August 1999.
( See this image. It showed on the inlay of "Phoenix Fighters", one of retail copies Alive Mediasoft released. )
Gameboy color version was also canceled.
PS2 version (as a budget title) was planned, however, nothing happened.
System3 mentioned new version of Putty Squad for PS3, PSP, iPhone and iPad.
Those versions (for PS3, PSP, iPhone and iPad) were not released.
Vita version was announced, however, it was not released at that time. Release date was showed as "TBA" state at PlastationStore EU/AU, btw.
2013 May
System3 announced the release of new version for PS3, X360, Wii U, Vita, 3DS, iPhone and Windows8.
System3 planned their release in summer 2013, however, nothing happened.
2013 Sep
System3 announced their release with PS4 version. It planned their release on November 29, 2013.
Unfortunately Wii U version and i-phone version were canceled at that time.
Prototype of Mega Drive version was listed at eBay. The item was sold for 1390 AUD. (More details.)
2013 Oct
One of collectors "BeaglePuss" finally purchased that prototype of Mega Drive version.
At least he planned dumping the game before 2013 was out.(The plan seemed "donation" for his purchase cost $1500. But it seemed hard.)

Mark Cale, CEO of System3, said that System3 planned "corrector edition for PS4" which includes Amiga diskette version.
Almost Amigans doubted his success, according to expectation, he gave up only 10 days later.
2013 Nov
John Twiddy, one of members of System3, searched the man who can do mastering of Amiga version.
He planned the full game of Amiga version as free xmas gift. Many people (including me) doubted his success.

On November 29, PS4 version was surely released in EU.
2013 Dec
On December 5, PS4 version was released in AU. But System3 admitted that it was impossible to release other versions until xmas.
On December 12, System3 told us additional 26 levels planned until before 2014 was out. Unfortunately those levels are unconfirmed even now.
This website archives its image. I'm not sure that this map was surely one of 26 new maps, though.
On December 24, System3 released the full game of Amiga version for xmas gift (freeware). (External link)
The most involved person was an EAB member, Galahad. He made bootable ADFs from dump files System3 had.
This version was not still compatible with CD32 w/o fast RAM due to custom loader.
2014 Mar
On March 11, PS4 version was released in US.
2014 Apr
On April 17, 3DS version became available at Nintendo eShop.
Till April 18, both PS4 version and Vita version became available at PlayStation Store.
On April 19, System3 announced PC/PS3/X360 versions, which was planned after Vita/3DS versions was released.
On April 20, System3 announced that PC(Windows) version would be released before May was out.
On April 22, the retail version for Vita was released in US.
2014 May
On May 16, the retail version for Vita was released in EU. We could buy it earlier at eBay, though.
2014 Jun
In the first week, PS3 version began to appear at eBay.
On June 17, the retail version for 3DS was released in US.
On June 25, X360 version became available at XBOX LIVE. (External link)
2014 Oct

2015 Mar
Sam Dyer (Bitmap Books) launched the kickstarter project for "Commodore Amiga: a visual Commpendium book" (External Link).
50 backers who pledged £60+ would receive a physical copy of Putty Squad with a box and instructions.(got exclusive permission from System3)
49 backers who pledged £75+ would receive above signed by the original development team.
The game itself looks the same as 2013 xmas release, so, obviously they're collectors' items.
These items was planned shipping in March 2015. They were surely delivered in March 2015.
2015 Aug

2015 Oct
An EAB member Psygore finished his original loader for Putty Squad. This loader would load all files from the same folder (eg. CD0: ).
So, using his new loader, we will be able to boot the game without WHDload, which requires FAST RAM.
On October 24, Psygore made CD32 version (data itself).  After that, he sent his data to another member "earok" for testing.

On August 30, "BeaglePuss" decided to sell his MD version he purchased in 2013. One party purchased it on September 21.
On October 5, a sega-16 member "Mad Moham" dumped it. Therefore several websites archive it.
2015 Nov
On November 17, CD32 version was released as "Unofficial CD32 Ports" series ISO produced by "earok" (External Link).
2015 Dec
On December 10, System3 Japan released "パティースクワッド" for PS4 (PlayStation Store).

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