Putty Squad (Mega Drive version) details

In short:

1. Mega Drive version is preferable that gamers play.
2. It would be difficult to release as retail package because it still lacks some features.
3. I think Mega Drive version would become much better if some bugs would be fixed.


1. Almost features are the same as Amiga version.( Not SNES version. )
    See Comparison Guide for SNES version & Amiga version. Mega Drive version can be referred to Amiga's stuff at that guide
    ...except for sound effects. Why? I would like to mention it later.
    In other words, each level is more harder and recommended for gamers.
2. There are several MD version exclusive CG pictures which are shown between levels. See this link.


...Okay, I will mention them with classifying below. (A, B and C)

A: It is a matter of shortcomings of Mega Drive hardware itself. It's impossible to fix.

A-1: It reduces number of colors in comparison with even SNES version which has 2 backgrounds (tiles & beautiful parallax) per a level.
A-2: Each music is a little ugly than SNES/Amiga version.

B: It might lack some features originally. It's almost impossible to fix.

B-1: There are no sound effects at all.
B-2: One level is totally missing. It named "Night Flight" in SNES/Amiga version. See a screenshot of Amiga version.
B-3: Some backgrounds are unconfirmed. You can confirm them by seeing them of Amiga version.
B-4: No ending screen. The game would load the 2nd level immediately after you complete the final level.

C: It's just a glitch. It might be possible to fix it by a professional developers of Mega Drive games.

     Of course it would be the best if they are given permissions by System3 in advance.

C-1: **Fatal glitch** The game would crash immediately after Putty opens specific hidden doors.
        After you complete "Gateway to the North" or enter the password "DORTOH",
        you can start "Jumble Street", which uses "Snowy Town" tiles for platforms and uses "Library" tiles for a background.
        Don't open 2 hidden doors, otherwise the screen would become black out immediately.
        But it is possible to play both of 2 hidden levels ("The Library" and "Napalm's Den").
        You will receive the password "YTSEB" after you complete "The Tower of London". After that, "Napalm's Pad" would be loaded.
        But reset your console once and enter that password "YTSEB".
        It would bring you to the previous level "Jumble Street", which all tiles are glitched this time.
        That level itself is not unplayable, and you can enter 2 hidden levels at those 2 hidden doors.
        Btw, it would show the password "LLIBSAG" and load "Napalm's Pad" level after you complete "Jumble Street" glitched.

C-2: In some levels, tiles are glitched.
        "Watchtower of Squirt": Some background tiles' color palettes are glitched. (They are wrong colors.)
                                             That background should be originally showed in "Dining Table" levels, though.
        "Jumble Street (from YTSEB)", "Flimbo's Rest", "Old Moon Street":  It loads wrong tiles for all platform/background tiles.

C-3: It shows a wrong password after you completed a specific level.
        About "YTSEB", read a "C-1" paragraph.(above)
        After you complete "Napalm's Pad", it shows "NACILEP" in the score screen. Then "Napalm's Kitchen" would be loaded, though.
        If you enter the password "NACILEP", another level "Old Moon Street" would be loaded. All tiles are glitched, though.
        After you complete "Old Moon Street" which tiles are glitched, you will receive the password "DEKCERW".
        Then "Napalm's Kitchen" would be loaded. This password "DEKCERW" brings you to "Napalm's Kitchen".

C-4: In many levels, it loads wrong tile series for background. See below.

Aztec I


Aztec II

Aztec III


Dining Table
( Background tiles
have gitched colors.)


Roller Coaster


Castle Wall

Night Sky
(No problem)
Missing !!
Night Town

Missing !!
Snowy Town



Missing !!
Cloud Castle





For example, "Dr Sushi's Lab of Terror" uses "Labs" tiles for platforms, however,
it uses "Downtown" tiles for a background. It's wrong use. It must also use "Labs" tiles for a background.
If it uses them correctly, the game screen would change as below:

About music:

I'm not sure whether it was wrong use for MD version.
It is because All versions differ each other. See this comparison fig.
Note: "X" means that it is exclusive music for Mega Drive version
instead of the music named "new" in Amiga/SNES version. This "X" tune itself is not bad, btw.

About control Putty:

It's not bad because it is the same as Amiga version. ( Fire button : B button )
But it would become better if some action ( punch, inflate, ...etc) was assigned to other buttons.

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Special thanks to sega-16 members, who involved the dumping release of Mega Drive version.
I hope some developers fix those glitches describe above and sell it officially getting permission from System3.
Thank you for reading.
Writer: nittamituaki