Gloom Deluxe (Amiga)

How to play Gloom Deluxe for free legally ?

It's ridiculous to buy "Gloom Deluxe" if you've already bought "Gloom" or "Ultimate Gloom".
Now "Ultimate Gloom" is Public Domain, so here I show you how to play "Gloom Deluxe" using "Ultimate Gloom".
Original box of Ultimate Gloom said "Ultimate Gloom consists of the award winning original Gloom and Gloom Deluxe" ,
however, it was NOT correct! Make sure that "Ultimate Gloom" CD wasn't a compilation of Gloom, Gloom Deluxe and Gloom 3.
That CD had very few files for Gloom Deluxe. Anyway following is my step-by-step guide.

1. Copy cd0:Gloom_3 to your hard disk. Then delete files related to only Gloom 3.  Files would remain as following:

2. Rename that "Gloom_3" folder "Gloom_2".

2. Download source code ( GitHub / aminet ) and transfer into your hard disk. Or, insert your "Gloom" CD.

3. Copy data related to "Gloom Deluxe" to your hard disk:
 Copy all files inside "maps" folder to ../Gloom_2/maps .
 Copy "script" file inside "misc" folder to ../Gloom_2/misc .
 Copy all files inside "objs" folder to ../Gloom_2/objs .
 Copy 11 files inside "pics" folder ( blackmagic, blackmagic.pal, combat, combat.pal, gloom, spacehulk, spacehulk.pal, theend, theend.pal, title, title.pal )
  to ../Gloom_2/pics. If you have "gloombrush" instead of "gloom", rename it "gloom" and copy it to ../Gloom_2/pics.
 Copy all files inside "sfxs" folder to ../Gloom_2/sfxs .
 Copy 2 files inside "txts" folder ( floor3 and roof3 ) to ../Gloom_2/txts .
 Note: I recommend you to remove both of "med1" and "med2" from ../Gloom_2/sfxs folder
          if you can't expand even 1MB FAST RAM.
          You can use my edited files to save your RAM space. Just overwrite files.

4. Make sure that your hard disk has c/assign , c/setpatch , libs/asl.library , libs/diskfont.library and libs/mathtrans.library.
 Don't forget to run setpatch and assign Gloom3: in advance. Command lines example (if you named your hard disk device name "Work") is:
 assign Gloom3: work:Gloom_2

5. Double-click ../Gloom_2/gloom2 . The game would be loaded immediately.

Unfortunately neither the source code pack nor original "Gloom" doesn't have "misc/gun.bin" and "objs/player2",
so you have to use Gloom3's ones. But it is completely legal.

...Is it painful? You can also grab them from "Gloom MODs Compilation: The First Age" ADF uploaded to this website.

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