Santa's Xmas Caper (AMIGA)


"Tell us a story!", the wide eyed children chorus.
The old women settles into her ancient ebon rocking chair and smiles mysteriously.
Starting through the cabin's thick bottle windows at the confetti snow outside,
she begins to weave a magic tale...

It is Christmas eve and the fairy lights dance.
Tucked up in bed, the good children wake as the hall clock strikes twelve.
On a table, mince pies, some sherry and hay.
But where is Santa? For the stockings hang empty.

In the shivering cold of the Arctic wasteland, past snow heavy pine and solid ice lakes,
Santa's toy laden sled skims through the night.

Then disaster! A reindeer stumbles and the sleigh overturns.
Toy scatter this way and that. What's to be done? Santa looks crestfallen.
All the good little children will be so disappointed...

  D-pad "Left"/"Right": Walk left and right,   D-pad "Up": Jump
  Red button: Throw a snowball,   P key: Pause the game
  Space key: Resume the game,   Q key (during pausing the game): Quit the game

*If you don't pause the game, you don't need Amiga keyboard.

About Game:
  Santa has to collect all the presents scattered throughout the map to proceed to the next level at Lapland.

 There are various enemies on the stage, and touching them makes a mistake.
 If you hit a snowball, the enemy will freeze for a while and can pass safely.
 If you take an item in the shape of a bubble, you can be invincible for a certain time.
 Instant death system and you have only 3 tries,
 but at the time of restarting, you can stretch invincible bubble for a while.

 It consists of 7 short levels, and it takes less time to complete,
 so you can play this game comfortably during the Xmas season.

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