Father Christmas

  Sega Saturn has two Christmas games!
  Released in 1995, this quiz game was released as a set
  with the Christmas standard video "Father Christmas"
  sent by Raymond Briggs of "Snowman".
  A mini towel was attached to the first edition as a privilege.

  The contents of the quiz game...,
  Santa's pets, Inu and Neko,
  voluntarily travel around the world and send picture postcards from the destination.
  Relying on those photos and sentences to identify their whereabouts and follow them...
  You can also study geography by traveling to tourist attractions around the world.
  Rather, that is the main thing.
  Since the encyclopedia is also included, preparation is possible.

Christmas Knights

  A gem that you can feel the love of the Knights' staff.
  It is Christmas version, not for sale and limited edition.
  It is a remake of the "Spring Valley" levels of the original SEGA
  Saturn game "Knights".
  In addition to objects such as trees and cakes,
  Christmas songs background music, items  are made into Xmas
  (e.g. wreaths), and the main hero is cosplaying as Santa.
  Unusual as a non-sale work,
  boss enemies are also properly prepared.
  By Sega Saturn's built-in clock,
  it also awards high point that it corresponds to seasons other than Christmas.
  A work that is highly evaluated among Saturn's software.

The Grinch 

The main character is a famous Christmas character produced by Universal Studios.
As same as the original film, operate the Grinch to steal Christmas gifts from the town and store them in your roost.
Although it is easy to play as a 3D action game, the evaluation is low because players become not to tend to have much enthusiasm for playing the game due to lacks fun.
Despite the appearance of trees and snowmen, it is a work that makes you lonely while playing, as the game progresses from the perspective of the originally lonely Grinch, I think.

Santa Claus saves the Earth

A port of GBA version of the same name.
Normally, there is a PS version, and it is a composition that it is deteriorated and ported to the GBA version, or it is a completely different PS version and a GBA version.
However, unfortunately PS version of this game is the same as GBA version.
This seems to be a very rare case.
Anyone who has played the GBA version will understand, but the game itself is boring and has a little difficult impression.
It is PAL exclusive release, it's not bad to avoid it.

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Ah, there is also another mystery item .