GBA Platformer Course for Santa fetishists:

Santa Clause 3  (GBA)

It has been five years since this website was established.
To commemorate the 5th anniversary, we're going to introduce a special Christmas-themed GBA platformers for this year's 2010 Christmas season.
Please note that the subject matter gets worse and worse with each installment (lol).
the first installment was the game released in 2006 and is based on Disney's "Santa Claus 3".

The original film itself is like "The Grinch" and is intended for children,
so it is not necessary for adults to watch it.
However, the game itself, even adults, may become hooked on this game before they know it.
As a Christmas game, it is an attractive piece of work.
It has a high degree of perfection, and we strongly recommend it.

It begins in the snowy mountains and continues to the snowy roads of the town.
It's the beginning of a fun 2D action game in which you control Santa Claus.
Press A to jump, press and hold A for cape gliding,
or press A while falling or jumping or cape gliding for a two-step jump.
Even holding down A for the second jump will not allow you to perform cape gliding.

Should you jump two steps or cape gliding, or go into the second step after cape gliding?
The map structure is designed to make these distinctions clear.
In addition to the Christmas tree, ornaments decorate the walls.
The map consists of all the Christmas elements,
such as snowball traps rolling on the ground and the snowman as enemies.

Attack with the B button. Unique thing to make the clown doll pop out of the surprise box.
Press R to throw a gift shaped bomb.
You don't have them from the beginning, it is hidden in the path of branches.
Throwing down, you can break certain walls and floors.

Part of the indoor level. Coordination that conveys a warm atmosphere.
The background is also quite detailed.
Ornaments on the moving platform. The lights are lit from left to right.
Even "Daze Before Christmas" couldn't do(?!)

Pause by the START button. Current HP, number of collected items, and
you can also see whether you currently have a gift shaped bomb.
By the way, the game has an unlimited number of tries and there is no game over.
A mini-game in which you control several elves with different specialties in one map and get four items placed in the map to clear the game.
Press R to select an elf, A to jump, and B to show off that elf's specialties.
As for the specialties, there are various ones, such as pressing a switch with a hammer or a block.
The gameplay is similar to "Super Dany"(SNES game), that is to say,
it seems to be rare style, so we think it's worth playing. 
Apart from the four items, there are also a number of scoring items scattered around,
and the game even ranks them according to their acquisition!

A mini-game to manipulate Santa's sleigh.
Throw presents into each house while avoiding the cold air.
Not the same as in "Daze Before Christmas".
You have to throw presents into the houses of good children and,
conversely, charcoal into the houses of bad children.
Button A for presents and Button B for charcoal.
This mini-game also ranks according to the success rate of the throw-in.
General Winter (Jack Frost) is about to become the one-and-only Santa Claus, conquering the world of Santa.
Following him, there are more levels.
However, it's not like there are too many levels to waste, as is often the case with other GBA games, and each level is compact, so it's easy to move through and keep going.
The graphics are also great.

An indoor level decorated with large Christmas ornaments,
light leaking from stained glass creates a magical atmosphere.
Outside, there is a series of LED bulbs.
It's the perfect atmosphere for the Christmas season.
For me, it's a kind of idealistic backdrop.

FINAL Boss: Jack Frost

He is a fake Santa! Let's just throw snowballs at him!
At first, just throw snowballs from the position in the image.
When he starts to shoot bullets horizontally, jump over him, go behind him,
and throw snowballs at him... and repeat.
Watch out for the occasional icicles that are dropped.
Collectible items (milk and cookies) scattered throughout each level.
It saves the game automatically, but the save data slots show what percentage of the total items you've collected and how many snow globes you've collected, another collector's item (only six are hidden in all levels).
It's a challenging element.
Some are hard to collect due to the forced scrolling and others are hidden in unexpected places,
so if you are conscious of collecting these items, you'll have plenty of fun.

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