GBA Platformer Course for Santa fetishists:

Elf The Movie  (GBA)

Looking at the jacket, "Wow, that looks interesting!" How many of you would think that!
Rather doesn't it smell? It smells like a rotten fucking game.
The original movie has the same cover art, so I guess it can't be helped...
Not only did it not release in time for the Christmas season in some areas,
but it rumored of effortlessly crossing the year, was it true?
"Buy a straw hat in the winter." you say? (Lol)

...It seems there are many issues!
This time I will play "Elf The Movie".

North Pole
Level 1: no passwords
The main hero Buddy, an elf, sets out on a snowy road to New York City
in search of clues to his real father.
This is a 2D action game with a password system and infinite continuation.
Move with a d-pad and jump with the A button. That's it! You can't even crouch.
Candy items just score points but are meaningless.
Jump over the bear. It's too simple, but that's it (lol).
Level 2: TMBDC
Before I knew it, he was walking in a cave (lol). Just be careful with icicles.
If you run out your HP, you must start from the beginning of the level.
The HP decreases when you touch an enemy or fall into the floorless place. ...Wait!
If you fall into a place without platform, you would normally die from a fall, but it's just damage.
The same as the penalty for touching an enemy... Huh? You've seen this phrase before? Deja vu?
Is it my imagination? No, it's nothing (lol).  More importantly, why does this guy have an erection?
I think it's usually the other way around where it's so cold.

Level 3: VVBND

A surrealistic landscape with a great sense of humor that ordinary people can't imagine.
Collect the word "NEWYORK" here and then advance to the right.
Yes, a further peculiarity of the game is that the next moment your meter is depleted,
you're taken back to the continuation point you last touched.
If you touch an enemy, the elf will disappear off the screen and a fast scroll to the left will begin.
Don't get frustrated, yet!
En Route to New York - Traveling by Iceberg
Level 4: MJCNF
A new level starts as if the game said "the side-scrolling ACT alone would be boring, wouldn't it?".
D-pad to move, A to jump, that's it! The stepping stone zone of the overlook perspective.
You don't want to remember a bad case of Ultima VIII. I'm just saying it's frustrating and not fun.
If you don't have a sense of distance and you fail, you'll be pulled back.
It would continue again and again.
And the more you think you want it to be over, the more this level would continue!

En Route to New York - Sliding Down the Mountain
Level 5: TTCLG

The next level is also top-viewed. This time, though, it only accepts D-pad.
Down the hill on the ice. You're told to finish in time without hitting any obstacles.
There are winter sports games that have a similar feel.
It's the same as that one, just with the same feel and controls.
There are even jumping boards, but don't worry about them!

En Route to New York - Forest
Level 6: CRDJH

Finally, we are back to the normal platformer. You just need to move to the right in the same way.
The bird will fly at different altitudes.
You can't crouch down, so you have to back up and wait for the bird to gain altitude.
Rather than that, the raccoon is cute (although it is blurred in the picture).

New York - Manhattan
Level 7: PSFQJ
There are 20 ornaments for the Christmas tree on the sidewalk,
so please pick them up...again, the top view level.
The HP meter diminishes on its own with time.
The meter on the left is the power for dashing (by the A button). If it runs out, you can't run.
If you hit a car, you'll be severely damaged, so go through a crosswalk or watch for the timings.
Both HP and power meters can be restored by entering the revolving door. Why?
New York - Empire State Building
Level 8: BNBGK , Level 9: NSBDL , Level 11: BYBBM

At his father's company Buddy is ordered to work.
The presents are flowing through the tubes, so he has to change the direction of the pipes to make the presents of the requested color flow to the requested colored places.
I mean, what's this all about?
"What are you doing in the middle of Manhattan!" I want to say.

Level 10: NVBDL , Level 12: BCCBM
A memory game of the "Simon Says" type, in which you press the numbered buttons in the order in which they glow, and if you press them correctly, the door will open and you'll receive a present.
If you press them correctly, the door will open and you'll receive a gift, and so on. There is a time limit.
It's natural to think of the situation as the entrance to each room in an apartment building.
The instruction manual says "elevator," but I believe that's not true (lol).
It would be in the 5 digits as the level progresses. "What kind of tower is that?" you want to say?
But why is there five levels in this scene? No way, is this the main thing in this game!? (Lol)
New York - Snowball Ambush
Level 13: NFCSN
The kids in New York City are throwing snowballs at Buddy all at once.
Use the D-pad to move the cursor, the A button to throw snowballs at the cursor,
and L&R buttons to move Buddy left and right. Press the B button to crouch down to avoid snowballs.
The number of times children are hit by snowballs is displayed in the lower right corner of the screen.
But if you shoot Santa Claus,
you will be penalized and the number in the lower right corner of the screen will be reduced by 1.

Delivering Presents
Level 14: JXCBP

Santa's sleigh travels across the sky. Occasionally presents fall over.
The goal is to throw them into a house of the same color as the present.
Except for the A button to grab and throw the gifts, only the D-pad is accepted.
There is a time limit.
There is nothing more to explain.
New York - Fix Santa's Sleigh
Level 15: PQDLQ
I knew Santa's sleigh was out of order.
Santa said, "I'm sure 8 screws fell in the park, so you'll have to collect them up".
"Yeah, yeah, I know, I get it, it happens all the time. After all, elves are Santa's servants.
 I will collect them even if they get run over by a guard's horse, I won't give up.
 I'll do anything for you, Santa!"
...It's a admirable elf.

Escape From Central Park
Level 16: LSFBR

The final level is to operate Santa's sleigh.
The sled is now fixed, so let's take off... The elf is nowhere.
Buddy is nowhere to be seen anymore.
He's already a thing of the past. Don't mind him.
You're told to collect 20 bells in this level. Why? I don't know. (Lol)

Now, the ending! Oh, only this! ...Isn't just one picture too pale?
But really, really, this is the end of the story.
But actually, there are three mini-games in this game that are separate from the main story.
These are not as a clearing bonus, but can be selected from the beginning.
I'll introduce them in order.

(Below) Snowman Building

Push the snowman by moving the elf by the D-pad. (Lol)
Now you're thinking "Like a fool". However, pretend you've been tricked and do it!
Roll three snowmen toward a certain point, where each of the three snowballs must be of a different size: large, medium, and small.  It's a new kind of game (lol).
If you roll it to where the snow was taken, the ball becomes smaller in size and fills with snow again on its trajectory.  Take advantage of this and adjust the size!
You think it's less than Lemmings' Mayhem levels of difficulty anyway?
Ahh, yes!?

Santa Says...

You have to put the toys in the bag as instructed by Santa. Now you're thinking "Like a fool.", don't you?
Really, it's just like a fool (lol).
If it's a "Simon Says" type of memory game, it's probably the same as ones of the main levels.
You don't have to pause in the middle of the game and take notes, or something like that.
It'll be over in a second.

Cobbler's Workshop

As the five types of socks flow down the conveyor belt, pull them to the central rotating device (by the A button) and drop them into the box below (by the B button).
Rotate the device by the D-pad. Only four socks can be held at the same time.
You can drop two socks per box, but you have to put the same color socks in the same box.

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