"Mycom Basic Magazine" July 1997 Issue
x: Ok.(Player #1),   z: Commands / Cancel(Player #1),   Trigger 1: Ok.(Player #2),   Trigger 2: Commands / Cancel(Player #2)
Space: Pass the title screen.

The game:

A total of 20 sets of 3*3 tile combinations with 3-letter names are generated.
The tile combinations and names change each time the program is loaded.
At the beginning, you will be given the name of the set you have to complete.
Choose "LOOK", one of the two commands to see each combination, then memorize it to complete it.
After completing the combination, choose "JUDGE". The first one to complete wins.


Each checksum is as follows (using version 3.1 coded by the "MSX•FAN" team).
Sorry if there are any typos, however, I have tested my data and had no problems.

My suggestion:

Let's shorten the loading time from next time!
First, modify the line #160 as below, then RUN.
After it showed an "Ok" message, modify the line 160 again.
Then save the program. Don't run it again unless you reboot your MSX, otherwise you will get "Overflow in 1910" error.

Joystick support:

This game originally supports joystick for Player #2, but requires SPACE to pass the title screen.
After modified the line #1870 as below to allow both SPACE and Trigger 1.

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