Isometric Games' list (retro games)

To be honest, I don't like this genre myself, but I think it's definitely an important genre to talk about when discussing retro games.
Back in 2016, there were a lot of people on EAB who were knowledgeable about retro games in general, so I asked them to list title names.
This page is just a backup of the thread from that time. It's because we never know when my entire ID might be deleted! :D

AMIGA (Of course!), ZX Spectrum, MSX,
Consoles (The 3rd and 4th generation only. Nowadays we can play GBA games on our SNES+AD adapter, so GBA games is now included.)

Now they have been classified into several classes as below:


"D1" class games List (including "D2")

Airball (OCS, 1989, permitted at AmiSectorOne. Free GBA version is also available.)
Cadaver (ECS, 1990)
Cadaver The Last Supper (ECS, 1991, coverdisk)
Cadaver The Pay Off (ECS, 1991, datadisk)
Head Over Heels (ECS, 1991)
Indiana Jones and The Fate of Atlantis - Action Game (Especially later levels)
Raffles (OCS,1989)
Treasure Trap (ECS, 1990)
Universal Monsters Demo(ECS,Coverdisk of Issue Feb 1993 of "The One Amiga")

[ZX Spectrum]
Abu Sinver Proragation
Alien 8
Archaic (aka. Archaic 3D)
Attack of the Killer Tomatos
Batman: The Puaj Edition
Bubbler (Similar to Marble Madness, however, can jump)
Bully Embassy
Carlos Michelis 3
Chain Reaction
Day in the Life of Arnold, A
Deep Blue
Demon's Dream (1988-2020)
DragonBall: El Desafio del Doctor Gero
Dredd Over Eels
En Busca de Mortadelo
Evaristo el Punky
Evil Domain
Fairlight II (aka. Fairlight: A Trail of Darkness), Fairlight The Legend(=Fairlight1+II)
Freddy Kruger Live
Gateway to Hell (aka. Dark Castle)
Halls of Doom, The
Hedor del Dinero, El
Holiday in Sumaria
Inside Outing
Just One of Those Days (aka. Game, 3D)
Knight Lore
Last Mohican
Last Ninja Remix (It was said that it has totally different map from Amiga version.)
Manollo: El Cavernicola
Mantecas, El
Mars Red
Mundo de Mister Emulator, El
Parabola (Not "Jump button, though...)
Phantom Club (Can jump,however,flat map...)
Rentakill Rita
Revolution (Not exactly,though!)
Sillycon War, The
Spirit of Ninja, The
Stars & Stripes(aka. Stars, Stripes and Mr. Bush)
Strike Force Cobra
Stroll in the Bleak Forest, A(aka. Bart Bear 2)
Sam Slade Robo-Hunter (Freeware that was released in 2022 !)
Sunni Gummy(aka. Gummy Bears)[Bat-Man MOD]
Super Hero
Sweevo's Whirled
Sweevo's World
Ultimate Warrior
Warlock (Cannot jump, however, it's versy similar to Knight Lore)
Witchwood 3D(aka. Witch Wood)

Alien 8 Remake (Upgrade remake in 2008, Freeware)
Bat-Man (Upgrade remake in 2014)
Head Over Heels (Upgrade remake in 2016)
Knight Lore Remake (Upgrade remake in 2009, now free downloadable from Publisher's website)
Westen House

Altered Space (GB)
Die Maus (GB/GBC)
Equinox (SNES) [D2]
Gwatman ("Bat-Man" remake,Freeware,GBA)
Looney Tunes: Twouble! (GBC)
Monster Max (GB)
Otto's Ottifanten (alternative title of "Adventures of Pinocchio")(GB)
Solstice (NES)

(Atari ST) Get Dexter (Crafton & Xunk)
(Atari ST) Get Dexter 2 (Ange de Cristal)
(C64) Bushido
(CPC) Palitron (Main character might be able to jump?)
(CPC) Sepulcri
(VIC-20) Pentagorat 2016

"C1" and "D3" games List

[ZX Spectrum]
Ant Attack [C1]
Boom Bot [C1]
Zombie Zombie [C1]

Congo Bongo [C1]

Light Crusader (MD) [D3]
Spot Goes to Hollywood (MD) [D3]
Space Twins (Freeware,GBA) [C1]

Exclusion List (A,B,C2,C3,C4 and C5 games)

Adventures Of Robin Hood,the [C5]
Arnie Savage: Combat Commando (aka, Arnie 2)(Can't jump)
Blade [C5]
Brat (???)
Castle Kingdoms (Can't jump)
Contraption Zack (Can't jump by pressing a button)
D/Generation [C5]
Dal'X [C3]
Dan Wilder [C4?](Can't jump?)
Darkmare [C5]
Escape from Colditz [C5]
Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters [C4]
Final Battle [C5]
Fuzzy Logic (Nearly 2D platformer)
Gauntlet 3 Gantlet III [C4]
Ghost Busters II (There is isometric scene.Sorry no comments!)
Globulus [C3]
H.A.T.E [A]
Heimdall [C5]
Heimdall 2 [C5]
Hero Queast [C5]
Hero Queast 2 [C5]
Immortal (Cannot jump)
In Rome AD92 [C5]
Kiro's Quest (Cannot jump)
Last Ninja 2 [C4]
Last Ninja 3 [C4]
Legend [C5]
Litil Devil [C5]
Marble Madness [C3]
Murder [C5]
Ninja Limix [C4]
Shadow Sorcerer [C5]
Shadowlands [C5]
Shadowworlds [C5]
Skeleton Krew [C4]
Spidertronic [C3]
Tower of souls [C5]
Uropa²: The Ulterior Colony [C5]
Virocop [C4]
Voodoo Nightmare (ECS, 1990, permitted at AmigaFuture) [C4]
Where the Time Stood Still [C5]
Whizz [C4]
World of Legend: Son of the Empire (aka. Legend 2) [C5]
Wreckers (Can't jump)

[ZX Spectrum]
Alien Evolution (Similar to "Ant Attack". Can't jump?)
Alien Highway (aka. Encounter 2) (Can't jump)
All or Nothing (Can't jump/ Flat map)
Amaurote (Can't jump/ Flat map)
Ball Breaker (Breakout clone)
Battle Field (Tactical combat game)
Big Bad John [Molecule Man MOD]
Black Horse (Board game elements)
Black Raven 2 (aka. Chernyj Voron 2)(Quite different gameplay)
Bobby Bearing (Marble Madness clone)
BombScare (Can't jump)
Bubble Run [Bubble Trabble MOD] (Can't jump)
Bubble Trouble (Can't jump)
Cannibals from Outer Space (Can't jump?)
Cid, El (Can't Jamp)
Chimera (Can't Jamp)
Colony (Quite different gameplay)
Cristal Castles (isometric pacman-type.Cannot jump.)
Crystal Castles TYPO!!
Cybex (Can't jump/ Flat map)
Cylu (Cannot jump)
Fifth Quadrant, The (Can't jump in the flat map)
Frontiers (Cannot jump)
Glider Rider (Can't jump in the flat map)
Great Escape, The (Can't Jamp)
Greyfell (Can't jump in the flat map)
Gunfright(Can't Jamp?)
Hellfire (Can't jump in isometric scenes)
Highway Encounter (Can't Jamp)
ISS: Incredible Shrinking Sphere (??, It also has "Ball game" tag.)
Kirel (Can't jump / Puzzle game)
Klimax (Can't jump/ Flat map)
La Abadia del Crimen (Can't Jamp?)
Mad Mix2 (Pac Mania clone)
Magnetron (Can't jump)
Martianoids (Can't Jamp?)
Martianoids (Can't jump)
Max Headroom (Can't jump in the flat map)
Mega-Sphere(aka. Bubble Trouble 2)(Can't jump)
Molecule Man (Can't jump in the flat map)
N.E.I.L. Android (Neil)(Can't jump in the flat map)
Nether Earth (Can't jump)
Nightshade (Can't jump)
Nosferatu (Can't jump normally)
Oddi the Viking (Can't jump/ Flat map)
Pac-Mania (Can't Jamp)
Pedro (Can't jump/ Flat map)
Powerplay (Board game-like elements)
Prodigy ,the (Can't jump?)
Psycho City (Can't jump in the flat map)
Pyracurse (Can't jump/ Flat map)
Quazatron (Can't jump in the flat map)MOVED
RED L.E.D (Can't jump)
Reveal (Very different gameplay. See the video)
Revolver (Can't jump in the flat map)
Rex Hard [C5]
S.O.S. (Can't jump?)
SAS: Operation Thunderflash!! (Can't jump?)
Sigma 7 (Pac-Mania clone)
Snodgits (No enemies?)
Spindizzy (Marble Madness clone)
Super Trolley (Can't jump holding a shopping cart)
Tiki Taca (Can't jump)
Triaxos (Can't jump in the flat map)
UFO 2: Devils of Abyss (Can't jump?)
UFO: Enemy Unknown (Can't jump?)
Vendetta (Can't jump)
Vera (RPG, similar to WTTSS)
Werewolves Of London (Just Dubble Dragon-type angle)
Wolfan (Can't jump?)

Jet Bomber [A]
Jet Fighter [A]
Aramo [C4]

Arcus Odyssey (MD)(Can't Jamp)
Arena: Maze of Death (GG)(Can't Jamp)
Back to the Future Part III (MD)(Can't Jamp in isometric scene)
Bill & Ted's Excellent Video Game Adventure (NES) [C2]
Buck Rogers (MD)(RTG/Tactics battle)
Dark Half (SNES)(RPG,Can't Jamp)
Isolated Warrior (NES) [C2]
Kablooey (SNES)(Can't Jamp)
Kirby's Dream Course (SNES)(Marble Madness-like game,Can jump, though)
Lady Stoker (SNES)(Action RPG, many conversations)
Land Stoker (MD)(Action RPG,many conversations)
Predator 2 (MD)(Can't Jamp)
Rings of Power (MD)(RPG)
Shadownrun (SNES)(Similar Battles to "Cannon Fodder")
Snake Rattle'n'Roll (MD/NES) [C3]
Snoopy no hajimete no otsukai (GB)(Can't Jamp?)
Sonic 3D Blast (MD) [C4]
Sonic Labyrinth (GG)(Marble Madness clone)
Star Wars: Episode I - Obi-Wan's Adventures (GBC) [C4]
ZEN (NES)(Similar isometric scenes to "Fantastic Dizzy")

(Atari ST) Warlock (Can't Jump)
(C64) Blackwyche [C4]
(C64) Dragon Skulle [C4]
(C64) Entombed [C4]
(C64) Movie Monster Game (Can't Jump)
(C64) Staff of Karrnath (Can't Jump)
(C64) Wizardry (Can't jump.)
(CPC) 3des (Trois des)(No comments!)
(CPC) Amscraft (No action elements)
(CPC) Bactron (Similar to "Night Lore"-type except "Can't Jump". Main character is yellow cute walker)
(CPC) Binky Basher (Too flat map?)
(CPC) Bombuz 3D (Bomberman-like game in the flat map?)
(CPC) Bonz (??, It also has "Ball game" tag.)
(CPC) Cobra (Can't jump in the flat map)
(CPC) Doppleganger (Cannot jump)
(CPC) Hi-Rise (3D Road Runner-like game? Cannot jump)
(CPC) Meltdown (Can't jump?)
(CPC) Nightmare Maze (Can't jump in the flat map)
(CPC) Qabbalah [C4]

PENDING LIST (Need more info)

[ZX Spectrum]
Dome, The
Fu Manchu
Lapo & Chair
Lost Passenger, The
New World
Nuclear Countdown
OverSide 3D
Psycho Monsters
Que Locura y yo Sin Armadura
Ragnar(aka. Ragnar Revival)
Retorno de la Primera Dinastia, El
Ronder III
Scorpions: Die Machine
Seti 1
Simon(aka. Simon el Extraterrestre)
Spike (in 1992)
Way of Clans, The
Z80 Attack
Mission (not flat map 100%)

Special thanks to: (Contributors)

s2325 (32)
Solo Kazuki (25)
invent (4)
jbenam (3)
clebin (3)
JudasEZT (3)
Dunny (2)
Anakirob (1)
invent (1)
macce2 (1)
Superman (1)
vulture (1)

*The number was the score that each contributors gained.
"D1" and "D2" games: 5 points per 1 title.
"C1" and "D3" games: 3 points per 1 title.
"Exclusion List": 1 point per 1 title.
Nittamituaki himself gains 0 points always.

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