Super Morph (SNES)

An unusual action game appeared for AMIGA.
The title name is "Morph".
Rule itself is a simple game where you control a hero who can transform into iron ball, rubber ball,
water drop, and gas, and go to the goal with one clear item in the stage.
Monsters are not appearing, but traps are substantial, and puzzle nature is strong
( it reminds us "mayhem" difficulty of "Lemmings").
It won't hit everyone, but it's an interesting game.

New levels was added to such a game, and a background was also added
(the background of the original was just one color), it was SNES version.
This water drop character of this game is blob-shaped and cute.

Controlling your blob:

This is the normal state.
You can't jump, but the lateral movement is relatively fast.
The specific gravity is higher than other forms, and there is no worry of being sucked into the ventilation fan.
If you jump into a large amount of water such as a waterfall or a pond, it will be assimilated with the water and you will die.

Due to the nature of water droplets, you cannot resist gravity.
When you get off the slope, you can't climb the slope on your own and you have to slide down the slope.

You can advance a narrow gap that cannot pass through when you're in the shape of a ball.
Especially when passing from top to bottom, there is a strong nuance of "bleeding".
In that case, you will drip right below.
You will see many places where you can die if you seep down.

This screen is the moment when you drips from directly above toward the flame trap.
For a moment, there was a water sound... the fire was gone.
The flame can be extinguished by hitting you from the side.
About this form, it is like this.


The time limit for each stage is only 2 minutes.
There are items that extend the time by 5 seconds, but they are basically "busy".
At the bottom left of the screen, the number of times you can transform into that form now is displayed.
Even if the number of transformations is exceeded, it will not be treated as complete.
The star mark at the bottom right of the screen indicates the number of possible transformations.
Even if the number of possible transformations to each form remains, if you transform when this number is 0,
you will immediately die.
The screen on the left is one scene from the factory level. Below is a thorn on the water surface.
If you're a water drop/iron ball, you will sink, and if you're a rubber ball, you will burst with a thorn.
If you stay on the moving platform, you will come near the ventilation fan,
so you will not be able to transform into a rubber ball / gas that are inhaled.

The right image is the final and ninth stage of the laboratory stage group.
Approaching the gas burner along the ceiling as gas.
Because you burns when you're in a gaseous state, you transforms into a non-burning iron ball and immediately rolls over the gas burner and passes.
However, the water surface spreads to the immediate right.
If you're an iron ball, you will sink.
By the time you get to the surface of the water, you must immediately transform into a rubber ball.
It's because a rubber ball floats on water.
The moment when you are forced to control quickly as an action game.
The sewer and factory stages are difficult overall.
It's a typical game that people addicted to.

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