Jelly Boy (Gameboy version)

Also released as a downgrade port of the SNES version, limited to the PAL area.
Most of the elements were ported as-is, but the maps are very different.
Starting from a difficult level from the beginning, it is a slightly difficult first impression as a whole,
such as a forced scrolling level in the vertical and horizontal directions and a first-time killing level.
(However, the final difficulty is higher in the SNES version).
The composition of the SNES version and the downgraded GB version is common,
but the size ratio of screen to character is still larger in the GB version,
so it is good that you can play while watching the main character up.

I can not confirm the source showing the official release date of this GB version,
It is said that the actual release of the SNES version shifted in 1995.
Although it is not certain that the GB version became the same,
it would be natural to assume that the mega drive (MD) version has not been released due to such postponement.

"23 shapes" of Jelly Boy

This is the usual state.
At first glance, I have a humanoid shape with limbs,
so you can't say that I am an irregularly shaped jelly guy, can you?

When I crouch, I will change into a round shape.
Compared to the SNES version that was a joke, this may be blob-shaped and good (?)

I can punch by the A button.
When you play with me after getting used to "Super Putty", I'm often told that "I'm confused".

I can change my legs to a skateboard and move at high speed.
I can jump far if I jump.

I can change into even an umbrella form.
So I can glide slowly in the sky like a parachute.
Of course, it has a map structure (trap arrangement) that matches this!

I tried to change into a beast, but this seems to be the limit.
For the time being, I can break the block with a rushing jump.

If I turn me into a light bulb, I can illuminate a dark place brightly.
However, in this shape I can only jump.

( ···Cute···!)

I can even turn my head into a hammer and break blocks.

What a cola bottle I can even transform into.
I cannot move from the spot, but I can attack by blowing bubbles of carbonic acid.
I can also float in water.

I can get much smaller than usual and go through narrow holes.

If I change into a mobile cannon, I can shoot bullets diagonally up.
The flight distance changes depending on how long you press the A button!

Turn my feet into ski boards, turn my arms into long sticks and ski on the snow.
I often do that when I visit the snowy mountains.

If I change my body into a ballooning, I can go up in the air.

( ···Cute···!!)

Turn my feet into skates and slide on the ice.
It's fun~

I can swim with goggles underwater, but
after all, it's a pleasure to become a submarine and use missiles to kick off enemies.

I can transform into even a helicopter.
It can move much better than a helicopter in Akrillic(?)...cough...somewhere!
So look, look!

I can even transform into a rocket. When you do not blow the fire, I can slowly fall down.
I can also go down through the narrow gap between the rocks.
There is a game that steal my great figure transforming this shape, isn't there?

I was inspired by the monsters I met when I went to a palace in the world of the distant sea,
and I thought of changing into this form.
In this form, I can proceed along the walls and ceiling.

Hold the A button and press up or down to move vertically.
If each platforms are at a good distance, I can climb up and up.

I can do many things, but it's a shame that I myself am small.

Someone who says "You're not like blob!"
I couldn't help it, so I transformed into a ball.
I can roll while bouncing.

If I transform into a solid block mass, I will not be able to move at all,
The enemies that touched me at this time seem to die...though.

I can also transform into a flamethrower.
Then I can blow fire to melt frozen blocks.

I can even move the water surface at high speed by changing the lower body into a bobsled.

...Well, where am I going to play today?

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