Globdule (Amiga)

In 1993, a shock ran among AMIGA users. Unique glossy package.
What a game that you can control the slime and stick it to the wall or ceiling to move the map in all directions!
Moreover, Psygnosis, a credible manufacturer, was in charge of the release.


Controlling your blob:

Jump right above with the Fire button.
Horizontal jump in combination with the left and right of the D pad.
If you are a small enemy, you can step on it and defeat it.
When you press the Fire button again in the air, you can spin attack.
Note that some enemies can only be defeated by a spin attack.
You can also move with the walls and ceiling attached.
It is also possible to move along convex terrain,
which was impossible with the control method of SFC "Jerry Boy".
Now you can move around the map without restrictions.

If you hit spikes or enemies, your HP will decrease.
HP is displayed as memory at the bottom left of the screen.
The flow of the game is to defeat a specified number of enemies and look for an exit that appears somewhere in the stage when you have collected the specified number of diamonds.
Therefore, it will be a very workable game...

The game is divided into many areas, and each area is made up of several stages.
It's fine that the background of the stage in the same area is the same,
but even if the area changes, if the same background continues, even the "work" gets tired.

Since there are few retro games that manipulate blob,
it is impossible to proceed without playing this title... although it is such an existence...

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