Testament (Amiga)

You can buy a digital download version from APC&TCP's online shop. It costs only 2 EUR.
Therefore you will got 3 DMS files and 2 PDF files ( instructions in English / Deutsch ).
You can use those DMS files on WinUAE.
Of course you can transfer them into your own 3 empty diskettes then use for your real hardware.
( "DiskWiz" command is required. )

Disk 1 should be writable. Strongly recommended to back up Disk 1 in advance.

To pass its manual protection, see page 7 of Deutsch instructions' PDF.
Keyboard is required.
Left ALT: Shoot
Left Amiga: Sidestep
Shift: Run
Space bar: Open the door
1,2,3,4: Change weapons
+,-: Adjust a size of game screen
m: Show the map

When you complete the 2nd level or later,
you will be asked whether you want to save.
Y: Save and resume.
N: Resume without saving the game.

In addition, you have to enter name at hi-score screen
after the game is over.
(This data would be also saved to Disk 1.)

Testament II (Amiga)

Code and sfxs by:
Filip Doksanský
Graphics by:
Petr Kadleček
Music by:
Jirka Horáček
"Testament II" was a shareware release originally in 1998. It wasn't commercial, it also means that physical version didn't distributed!
New features:
• You can choose c2p routine ( 020 / 020_Full / 030 / 040 ).
• More background music while the gaming ( First RAM is required ) .
• More textures are used.
• Many more levels ( 21 in total ).
• Animated textures for ceiling and walls.

Download from EAB file server, then copy "testament2" (folder and files inside) to your hard disk drive.
Copy testament2/fonts ("Testament.font" and "testament" folder and a file inside) to fonts: drawer of your hard disk mounted.
Make sure your Libs drawer has diskfont.libraly and your s/startup-sequence has following lines:
setpatch quiet
assign env: ram:

Then create a drawer named "testamentsave" to your Prefs/Env-Archive.
Next, choose "Testament" icon and show its information. You had better edit it if you use 020 machine.

Finally double-click "Testament" icon. The title screen would be loaded.

After the title screen is loaded, you should select OPTION first.
If your machine is 020 and don't have any Fast RAM,
you should change the configuration as following:
Detail: worse than "high".
Size: smaller than "big".
Save.( If you don't want to save,
 press Esc key to return to the title screen.)

Keyboard setting must be configured.
Otherwise nothing happens if you press any key while gaming.
"Open (door)" must be assigned Space bar, though.

Finally, choose NEWGAME.  The screen would get black out.

Then tap TAB key twice. The game screen appears, however, you will see your weapon is black-shadowed and screen itself looks so dark.
Press F8 key to show your weapon. Press F9 / F10 keys to adjust the brightness of the screen.

You cannot make "Music" "On" at the option menu screen?
First, open Prefs/Env-Archive/testamentsave/setting.dat by binary editor.
Then edit H04 (to "FF" from "00"). Reboot the "Testament" program. You can see that "Music" has been become "On".
Anyway I upload my "setting.dat". So just download and copy it if you stuck.

About Disk version:
The game was originally designed for hard disk users, and it would be very hard to create diskette version due to following reasons.
Almost files in disk version of original "Testament" are packed using unknown packer.
If you couldn't pack each files of "Testament II", you cannot create even Disk 1 of "Testament II".
The problem is Disk 2.  Disk 2 has many files for background music and textures.
As you know, "Testament II" has more files for them.

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